Stone Turtle Restaurant and Bar


BY Josh Hockett

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I enjoy finding unique local hotspots that I can practically bike to if I so choose here in the LOU. I live in The Grove myself and not far off is Dog Town and one such place I can buzz over to in 10 minutes for a solid meal is Stone Turtle. This place is good for lunch, dinner, post work drinks, game day stop, business lunch etc. You name it they can handle it. On my last visit I took upon some of my favorite entrees and apps and even added a few new ones to the mix. Their staff is awesome, their venue is laid back but dosed with a nice vibe of energy and bar/pub at the same time. Something about it works well for me as I keep on coming back in for more. Let me show you why.

On this Saturday afternoon I came in and found the place decently busy with some small groups getting their grub and drink on with friends as they should be. What are Saturdays for after all? I was about to get my A-game on as well. Here we go.

The appetizers

Kick things off just right with the simple combo of pork belly and cashews. Talk about a 1-2 punch of flavor pairings to wet stimulate the appetite! Then we have my personal favorite, perfectly roasted brussels sprouts, pork belly lardons, bleu cheese, candied walnuts & sherry bacon vinaigrette. A must try for all. Need more to be impressed? No problem. The fried calamari will get you there. Crisp and yet just enough softness to melt in your mouth with cherry peppers, balsamic shallots and a lemon aioli dipper.

We gotta have some greens of course so take on the Harvest Cobb Salad for a flavor ride. Romaine, spinach, roasted potatoes, bacon, Bulgarian feta, tomatoes, jalapeno ranch dressing. The jalapeno ranch dressing I cannot get enough of. Try it and see for yourself.

The main courses

The Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich is a true man’s meal. See it plated in front of you and you’ll know why. A massive breaded, crispy pork tenderloin between a soft baked bun, lettuce, melty cheese and mayo make this a sandwich one cannot soon forget. Oh, and do not forget to dive into the side of parmesan frites that come with it! Crispy soft, hot, delicious. Be sure to share or you’ll find you made a meal of the fries by yourself!

The Grilled Salmon entrée pleases the health nut in me and yet squashes my desire for something flavorful and filling at the same time. A fresh Atlantic salmon, horseradish yukons, asparagus and sweet sherry glaze take this basic entrée and ratchet up the wow factor quick. The sherry glaze makes the fillet one of a kind.

My favorite entrée is the Thick Cut Berkshire Porkchop. It starts and ends with me smiling every single time. A perfectly flame grilled and seasoned chop over asparagus, creamy goat cheese polenta and savory pork jus. Your gonna be a very happy camper after ordering this one.

No meal is complete without a solid ending, right? Well you’re going to get that here. Wrap up your meal with a decadent slice of NY style cheesecake. A blast of sweet cream cheese, graham cracker crust and a drizzle of Italian Amarena Cherries with sauce seal the deal on this meal.


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Address6335 Clayton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139


Phone(314) 349-1933


Stone Turtle Restaurant and Bar

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Stone Turtle Restaurant and Bar

Stone Turtle Restaurant and Bar

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