Joshua Hockett

Joshua comes to Good Eats Local as the newest representative for all things delicious and trendy in Sunny San Diego. Ironically Josh is actually a full-time fitness and nutrition professional for a US Navy ship of 1200 sailors, the USS Essex. He has been a full-time fitness professional for 8 years with certifications in personal training, strength and conditioning, sports nutrition, corrective exercise and tactical performance. Despite what may seem like an obvious discord between his sincere love of good eats and a profession based on healthy lifestyle and sound eating, Joshua claims it makes him even more of a foodie in that he often has to learn how to adapt and make foods in different ways (but still taste amazing) to suite his personal needs. He also seeks out venues and locations with menus fitting for his taste and dietary requirements. Joshua feels his ability to find local venues with true appeal, value, authenticity and uniqueness are enhanced because of his active and healthy lifestyle. This must be the case because as a member since 2012 and having gained Elite status since 2016, Josh has amassed almost 900 food pictures and 300+ reviews. Joshua also started his own local food blog ( in September 2016 which now has 50+ blog post highlighting many top notch San Diego restaurants and annual food festivals. As a 4 year resident of San Diego, a DIY healthy cooking guru, a self proclaimed SD foodie, Josh brings just the right package to the table (all of them he will be soon to visit) to allow our readers and fans to find out just where to find all the best Good Eats in San Diego! Joshua is active on social media as well so follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to where he is headed next!